Videos Show the Power of Laser Scanning for Manufacturing Agility

Laser scanning is a fast, safe and powerful way to capture complete, accurate as-built data in manufacturing plants. These videos provide a glimpse of the benefits.

Laser scanning is a noncontact and nondestructive method of digitally capturing physical objects in 3D using a beam of light, or laser. The laser scanner captures millions of measurement points on any surface. These combined points are known as a point cloud—a comprehensive, clear and precise digital record of your plant that can be used for design and engineering, analysis, and even maintenance.

Because of the speed of 3D laser scanning, the time involved in capturing complete and accurate as-built data drops from weeks to hours—or even minutes. This means you can capture comprehensive data in a fraction of the time compared to other measurement methods. All of this data can be collected safely with a single operator working alone.

Once the data is captured, cloud-based software enables you to quickly and easily access the data from anywhere on any device, even if you aren’t familiar with CAD or 3D datasets. You can virtually visit the site without any safety concerns or delays, take snapshots, make measurements, and create markups with notes and links.

A panel of experts recently shared how powerful laser scanning can be in food & beverage processing plants and other industrial plant applications. These video excerpts provide a glimpse of the benefits.

To view the complete webinar, go here:

Unlock Operational Excellence with Laser Scanning

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