While change is nothing new in the automotive industry, the ability to overcome new production lifecycle trends is.

Challenges to consider

Shutdowns & Retooling

Every minute a plant is shut down for maintenance and retooling costs money.


The more retooling occurs during the product lifecycle, the more likely it is that the production line will be impacted by inaccuracies leading to mishaps, failures and product defects.


With constant production line change comes the rise in product defects, which not only can cost manufacturers vast amount of money but also increases the risk of possible litigation. Assuring quality output is of utmost importance.

benefits of lidar documentation


With 3D visualization, measurements become more than numbers, allowing all stakeholders to more easily identify problem areas and allow for improved cross-team collaboration.


All decisions stem from what timely information you have availabe to your fingertips. Reality capture solutions will provide milimeter accurate measurements and valuable information of existing conditions providing invaluable intelligence for an efficient and reliable design process.


With the ability to capture 3D measurements it is possible to continuously verify existing conditions and highlight possible inaccuracies that can impact the production line.

discover solutions

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Discover how to minimize or eliminate common risks through a digital remote management strategy built on a foundation of accurate, comprehensive point cloud data.

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Creating your digital Twin

Achieve near-zero rework by documenting everything in sight to avoid errors and additional site visits.

Laser Scanning

Our high-performance dedicated laser scanners provide industry-leading millimeter accuracy for the highest level of confidence, while our innovative integrated scanners provide the utmost versatility.

Software Solution

Our vast options help to transform the vast amount of digital data into rich easy-to-use yet powerful high-value 3D deliverables.

Seamless Integration

Our solutions seemlessly integrate into various popular third-party software, making it easy to super charge existing solutions.

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