Whether you're producing food, beverage, chemicals or pharmaceuticals, keeping your plant operating at peak efficiency is your top priority.

Challenges to consider


Turnaround for repair can severely impact not just the production line, but also can incur huge losses when perishables are involved.

Complex Structure

Congested plant environments can be complicated and keeping track of them can drastically slow down any maintenance or repair procedures, leaving all stakeholders with a huge pile of paperwork.

Regulatory Compliance

Increasingly stringent environmental and safety regulations require plants to quickly retrofit to remain compliant.

benefits of lidar documentation


Our 3D laser scanning solutions enable you with immediate and actionable data lowering cost and time to repair and maintain.

& Collaboration

Our 3D laser scanning solutions allow for all teammebers to be empowered with easy to understand data that can avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary project creep.

Personnel Safety

3D laser scanning allows for comprehensive documentation that can help proper decision making with crew safety in mind.

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Creating your digital Twin

Achieve near-zero rework by documenting everything in sight to avoid errors and additional site visits.

Laser Scanning

Our high-performance dedicated laser scanners provide industry-leading millimeter accuracy for the highest level of confidence, while our innovative integrated scanners provide the utmost versatility.

Software Solution

Our vast options help to transform the vast amount of digital data into rich easy-to-use yet powerful high-value 3D deliverables.

Seamless Integration

Our solutions seemlessly integrate into various popular third-party software, making it easy to super charge existing solutions.

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