The Ultimate Range









Maximize productivity by scanning inaccessible places at a safe position from a distance, reducing time in the field with fewer setups.

Unsurpassed range and angular accuracy paired with low range noise and survey-grade dual-axis compensation form the foundation for highly detailed 3D color point clouds mapped in realistic clarity. Engineered for the most challenging environments, the Leica ScanStation P50 can handle any plant documentation job.

Check & Adjust

Intelligent feature that ensures optimal working conditions in the field

Rugged Design

Be worry-free in extreme environmental conditions (hot, cold, rain, and dust)

Data Accuracy

Amazingly accurate 3D point clouds produce a true representation of reality

Blazing Speeds

Extremely fast acquisition times

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

True, life-like colors ensure best-in-class deliverables

Scan Area Definition

Make precise selections from scan or video to focus on a particular target area and save time both in the field and in the office

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